Hi! My name is Tomasz Pietek.
I am a graphic designer based in Warsaw, the capital of Poland. Currently I work on freelance projects but I gathered also a vast experience working in numerous companies, advertising agencies, television and game development enterprises. I love the teamwork and search for every opportunity to invent new and original concepts. I am eager to master the new types of software. I create the UI for games, applications and websites. I am not limited by the graphics provided by the client. I am able to draw icons, illustrations or logotypes using various styles. Therefore I can design the usability of an application, create all its graphic elements and even animate them.
Work Experience
1996 - 1998      Leryx Long Soft    Responsibilities: Game 2D Artwork
1998 - 2000     Freelance    Responsibilities: Game 2D Artwork, Illustration, WebDesign
2000 - 2002    Pro-Creation    Responsibilities: WebDesign, Illustration, Animation 2D, Identity
2002 - 2006    K2 Internet    Responsibilities: WebDesign, Illustration, Animation 2D, Identity
2006 - 2010     TVN    Responsibilities: All visual aspects of web and TV
2010 - 2011       Y&R    Responsibilities: WebDesign, Illustration, Animation 2D, Game 2D Artwork
2011 -2012        Starcom    Responsibilities: WebDesign, Illustration, Animation 2D, Identity
2012 - 2016      11bit Studios    Responsibilities: UI /UX designer
2017 - 2021      MuscleSkinSuit.com    Responsibilities: Owner
2021 - 2022     Vile Monarch    Responsibilities: UI Artist
2022 - now     Noobz from Poland    Responsibilities: UI / UX designer
I work in the following software:
UI design:
Adobe Photoshop
Icons and illustrations design:
Clip Paint Studio
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Affinity Designer
Photo editing:
Light room
DXO PhotoLab
3D graphics:
Marvelous Designer
2D animation:
Spine 2D
Live 2D Cubism
Video editing:
After Effects
DaVinci Resolve